Machine Vipassana

Concepts and Work

I admit the contents of the main page is not attractive to 7.7 billion population of the world. May be there is 10 to 15 individuals who might find it interesting. And may be one to 10 individuals might think of conceptualise on its ways. I am in search of the rare few. Might not succeed. May be never.

Some day someone will make the code for machine to invent its vipassana.

I am lawyer by profession. I use my free time to develop new concepts to assist humanity. I have not made any profit from my adventures. In time to come someday I might make a headway to commercialise my work.

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Anyone can copy alter content and articles on this site to suit ones good purposes. I do not claim any copyright or intellectual property rights on the contents and articles published by me. Nor Anyone has to give credit to me when any of the above acts are performed. Whether credit is given or not, my state of mind on such acts =∞+0.8

Ananda Buddhi iLaw also powered by Artificial Intelligence with I have coined as Ananda Buddhi Law. It is shown as “AB”. With 30w of power and use of Mistral AI model mistral-7B-v0-1 on Nvidia Xavier, we have made a question-and-answer AI application. The model uses 175000 PDF pages of searchable text to answer from Sri Lanka Law Reports, New Law Reports, unreported Supreme Court cases from 2000 to 2023 and Court of Appeal cases from 2000 to 2023. The eLE -Legislative Enactments which comprises of all the statutes of Sri Lanka do not give intended results. Due to limitations of meager hardware, I have.

Ananda Buddhi Law will answer any question (Questions must have minimum of 5 words) ask and will find the most suitable answer from the cases available to it.

Ananda Buddhi Machine Vipassana

Artificial intelligence aims to replicate, exceed fundamental distinctive properties of the human brain and make hyper-intelligent choices. For example, If the brain uses its previous stored memory to predict future events intelligently, why are people making mistakes? Is the brain incapable of learning past mistakes, or is the brain not intelligent? These are paradoxical and controversial questions, mainly because there are many hidden assumptions and misconceptions about understanding the human brain. For this reason, this has made the brain prediction of the future a false perception. Kludge has become the best of modern-day Artificial Intelligence.

Freedom for Asia

Originated to assist farmers and agricultural communities of Asia. Now seeking cross-border expansion to install free low-cost borderless trading system unique to each Asian market, governed by the respective local laws but independent of non-Asian international regulations. No Swift - No worries. Only for Asia by Asians.

In line with the laws of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Bhutan, Nepal, and other Southern Asian and South-Eastern Asian countries.

To develop a Free Asian Economy and bilateral trade unfettered from non-Asian interferences to protect Asian Financial Market free from non-Asian factors.